Your style guide to Gems

December 16. 2019

Style/ Design Guide for Jewelry 


She likes: Romanticism and Traditionalism

Her Style: Timeless

Muses: Meghan Markle, Hailey Baldwin, and Emma Stone

Gems: Diamond, Champagne Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and Pearl

Cut: Round Brilliant, Cushion

Settings: Solitaire Setting, 3-stone setting

Dream wedding:  Church wedding, with classical dinner at a beautiful hotel resort 



She likes:  Culture, The Arts, and Design 

Her Style: Fashion-Forward

Muses: Emily Ratajkowski and Safiya Nygaard

Gems: Emerald, Sapphires, and Spinel

Cut: Emerald, Trillion, and Princess

Setting: Tension Setting, Solitaire Setting, And Bezel Setting 

Dream Wedding: Party in a unique underground destination  



She likes: History, flea Markets and antique shopping

Her Style: Eclectic 

Muses: Hale Berry, Kate Middleton, Scarlette Johanson and Ashlee Simpson

Gems: Ruby, Rose-cut Diamonds, Tourmaline

Cut: Cushion, Oval 

Settings: 3-stone setting, filigree setting 

Dream Wedding: In a baroque or intricate art-deco style property 




She likes: Architecture, Design, and Practicality 

Her Style: Simple and chic

Muses: Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively 

Gems: Diamonds, Sapphires, pearls

Cut: Oval, Square, Baguette

Settings: Bezel Setting

Dream Wedding: In a museum or ranch in the middle of nowhere




She likes: Trends, Making a statement, Design 

Her Style: Glamorous

Muses: Jackie Kennedy, Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham

Gems: Padparadscha Sapphire, Tanzanite, and Ruby

Cut: Emerald, Oval, Princess, and Pear

Setting: Tension setting 

Dream Wedding: Royal-style affair that exudes extravagance