Reimagine your heirlooms

July 30. 2020

If you have some heirloom jewellery given to you by your mother or grandmother, but it is not quite your style. We at Alexandra Alberta, can work with you to reimagine it into something that is emblematic of your style and that you would love to wear. We believe that jewellery should not sit in cabinets or safes, collecting dust and hidden away from the world. Jewellery is made to be enjoyed and worn.

There are people who have inherited jewellery that they love and treasure because of the sentimental value behind the piece but perhaps not the design as each person’s jewellery style and aesthetic can be so personal and varied. Breathing new life into the piece or using the existing gemstones in the piece to create something contemporary or even vintage in style would be a great way to keep the sentimental value of the gemstones. Also, enabling you to wear it everyday really keeps the sentiment of the heirloom closer to you.

The depth and story behind repurposing an heirloom piece has great value and meaning.  Moreover, it is a sustainable choice for our Mother Earth as we think about reimagining and using what we already have.


( Photo courtesy of facebook )